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About Me

My greatest passion as a photographer has always been the human portrait. To find the core, the truth, the real and honest moments that make people so beautiful and special. I strive to create an image not only of who this person is at that given moment -- but also of who they might become or would love to be. Always a fascinating journey!


I got my grandfather’s camera when I was 8, and by age 14, I had a whole studio and lab in my basement, shooting LP cover-styled B&W portraits of all my friends.


When I emigrated to South Africa in 2009 from Germany, I was already trained  in L.A. & Europe and decided to continue studying photography with Martin Osner, and have subsequently published a significant amount of work in books, magazines and calendars.


As a professionally trained actor, with a 30-year career in front the camera, I thoroughly enjoy working with people from all walks of life. During my shoots, I try to create a relaxed, creative environment – working with artists to get the best results for the next step in their career.


And who doesn't love a wonderful wedding? I also team up with my business partner, Samantha Osner, to make sure we capture all the moments of joy and celebration, helping find your special images on that momentous occasion.



Please feel free to contact me for a quote, or just a chat to toss around ideas!

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